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Access Control & Security System Installations

Protect your assets with professionally installed security and alarm systems. 

Security Vendors

Our vendors include: Bosch, Honeywell Security, NAPCO, DMP, Keyscan and Recognition Systems. 

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Commercial Security

In any business, there are areas for public access and there are areas that are not. You may also want to have control over employee access or certain areas of access for different times of the day. Professionally installed security can be tailor-made to your needs and provide peace of mind when needed. Both outside and employee theft are major problems that cause losses for businesses, security systems deter these events from occurring.


Residential Security

Your home should be your safe space. We work directly with customers and their needs to provide professionally installed security to protect their assets and families. When a security system alarm is triggered, authorities are alerted immediately to the potential crime in progress, drastically increasing the odds that the perpetrators will be caught and prosecuted, perhaps even minimizing the amount of damage done. Customers are able to control their systems wirelessly, directly from the smart phone device using Total Connect 2.0 -


Access Control Systems

One of the most appealing aspects of using access control systems is the ability to simplify the management process of handling employee credentials, entrance security, and tracking. Using access control systems provides you with the ability to track and monitor all entryway activity from one remote location. Our specialties include tenant infill and commercial security. 

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Let's Work Together

Contact us for inquiries. 541-485-4456

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